Investigation Service

If you suspect things happen in your company that are forbidden?

It probably makes sense to hire an investigator.


Our trained employees have experience in surveillance. They vouch for speedy education in all forms of economic and commercial crime.

Even when researching in the private sector, we provide good results. We will be happy to explain to you, in a confidential interview, what opportunities we can offer in the economic, family and leisure sectors.

APM is logistically well located. We obtain all the necessary data and provide it to you. Photography and state-of-the-art video technology, which clearly and incorruptibly show how it "really was", eliminate any doubt or ambiguity.

Nothing escapes us that could be important to you, and is also usable in court. A good investigation is characterized by discretion. At APM you will find them!


Whether in Germany or abroad, we will work for you.

We are your eyes and ears

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Ihre Sicherheit ist unser höchstes Gebot.

Weltweit. 24 Stunden. 365 Tage im Jahr.


APM Assmann Protection Management 

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